Why do we recommend high borosilicate glass products?

When it comes to glass products, the common materials on the market are normal glass and high borosilicate glass. For these two materials, there is a certain difference in their performance. Besides, borosilicate glass products are more expensive than normal glass products. So why high borosilicate glass products are expensive? And why do we recommend high borosilicate glass products? Let us take a look.

high borosilicate double wall glass cup

High borosilicate glass uses boron and silicon materials to replace a large amount of lead, zinc and other harmful heavy metal ions in raw glass, which improves the performance of cold and hot resistance of glass. Normal glass can only withstand a temperature difference of about 75 degrees Celsius, while high borosilicate glass can withstand a temperature difference of around 150 degrees Celsius. Even if the temperature changes suddenly, the high borosilicate glass will not burst.

difference between high borosilicate glass and normal glass

In addition to temperature resistance, high borosilicate glass is a kind of special glass material with high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability, so it is widely used in chemical industry, aerospace, house, hospital and so on.

The cost of raw materials, the complexity of the production and the technology of the process make the price of high borosilicate glass products higher. But these products have fully met the international environmental inspection test standard, they are lead free, non-toxic, which are not harmful to human. At the same time, the brittleness and weight of high borosilicate are far less than common glass, they are lighter and more textual. In appearance, it can also be seen that the high borosilicate glass products are clearer and the cut is more round.

production process of high borosilicate glass products

High-end borosilicate glass products are handmade and blown by craftsmen. If you are interested, you can get a video about it in our Video section. The craftsman’s brilliant craftsmanship, the control of shape and temperature, has made exquisite glass products.

QIAOQI Glass, as one of high borosilicate glass products manufacturer, pays attention of the health and safety. Our glass products are mainly made of high borosilicate, we hope that these products will make our consumers feel secure.

Post time: Apr-29-2021