Traditional Chinese festival——Qingming Festival

Qingming is not only one of China’s 24 solar terms, but also an occasion for Chinese peple.
Speaking of the solar term Qingming, which is observed in early April when the temperature begins to rise and rainfall increases, it is the right time for spring cultivation and sowing.
At the same time, Chinese people will visit tombs of their ancestors around Qingming to pay respect to the deceased.
Most of the time the whole family will go to the cemeteries with offerings, clear up weeds around the tombs and oray for family prosperity.
Qingming was included as a Chinese public holiday in 2008.
Chinese people call themselves the descendants of the Yan Emperor and Yellow Emperor.
A grand ceremony is held on Qingming every year in order to commermorate the Yan Emperor, also known as the Xuanyuan Emperor.
On this day, Chinese from all over the world pay respects to this ancestor together.
This serves as a reminder of the roots of Chinese people and a chance to revisit the civilization of our ancestors.
There traditions are often accompared with a more recreational activity——Spring outing.
The spring sunshine bring everything back to life, and the time is best to enjoy the beautiful scenes outside.
The mind temperature and fresh air are calming and stress-relieving, making spring outings another leisure choice for those who lead busy modern lives.

Post time: Apr-06-2022