The must-have cup to keep your coffee warm – double wall glass cup

Enjoying a cup of hot or cold coffee is the best thing to do while you’re getting ready for work, study, or reading the news. However, many times the hot coffee will get cold and the cold coffee will come down to room temperature. What kind of cup would you use to solve this frustrating thing? Ceramic cups or travel thermos, of course, can not be missing a double wall glass cup.


A vacuum is created by evacuating the air between two blown glasses cup during production. No heating or cooling elements are required to keep the beverage hot or cold, the two-layer glass cup wall and vacuum keep the beverage at the correct temperature.

This “vacuum” is the best insulator because there is no air to transfer heat. Double-walled glass cup, usually made of high-quality borosilicate glass, usually holds hot and cold beverages, and does a great job of keeping beverages at the desired temperature.


Not only are double-walled glass cups better at keeping your drinks hot or cold, they’re also very durable. And you can customize your own shape, especially the bear-shaped and heart-shaped cups, the beautiful and unique shape must be the perfect standard for coffee drinks, it will make you become the focus of Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter and Instagram.


Thanks for reading and enjoy your double wall glass cup!JJ-SCB-087 (1) JJ-SCB-087 (14) JJ-SCB-090 (4)

Post time: Apr-12-2022