Production Process

1.Choose materials : High borosilicate glass tube

To choose different size, thickness and diameter based on the products that need to produced. And there are colors of transparent, amber, blue, yellow, grey, pink, black, The most commonly used color is transparent .

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2.based on the product size to make glass drawing

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3.Blow body

Heat the glass tube and remove the tube at one end, Then connect the remaining end with a rubber hose, The other end of the hose is in your mouth, At this time, the glass is melted, and then put into the mold, blowing air into the glass, let it swell, and then rotate the glass part at the same time, let it rotate in the mold

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4.Make the mouth

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5.Sticker Handle

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6.Make the mouth

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After so many heating processes, the fire temperature of the glass itself is different in different places, which will lead to inconsistent stress of the product itself. Finally, the product needs to be warmed evenly once.

Put the products into annealing furnace, There's a conveyor belt coming in at one end and coming out at the other. At this time put the product from one end into, slowly from the low temperature to the high temperature. The highest temperature is close to the melting point of the glass, and then goes from high temperature to low temperature. The whole process takes about 1 hour. The product that comes out like this is the safest.

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Post time: Aug-20-2020