Is it better to drink water in high borosilicate glass or ordinary glass?

Since its birth, borosilicate glass teacup has been deeply favored by people. It is one of the necessities for home life, with high transparency, abrasion resistance, smooth surface, easy cleaning, and health.

However, many questions have been raised quietly, "Can high borosilicate glass cups be poisonous? High borosilicate glass to drink water silicon will dissolve "and so on. So high borosilicate glass to drink in the end is not good, the following I will take you to interpret the high borosilicate glass.


High borosilicate glass is the use of glass in the condition of high temperature conductive characteristics, through the internal heating to realize glass melt, then, is a kind of low inflation, high temperature resistant, high strength, high temperature, high hardness, high light transmittance and High Chemical stability special glass material, because of its excellent performance, high borosilicate material of glass cups have the advantages of the common glass cup can't provide.

Ordinary glass cup

Ordinary glass teacups are easy to be uneven in heating, resulting in different temperatures of each part. Due to the principle of expansion and contraction in cold and heat, when uneven in heating and too big difference, the glass is easy to break.At the same time, ordinary glass heat is not high, too high temperature is also easy to make the glass broken

High borosilicate glass cup

The high borosilicate glass teacup is made by firing at high temperature, which can adapt to high temperature and low temperature. The 100℃ hot water will not break, and there is no thermal expansion and cold contraction commonly seen in general objects.Tea, acid drinks and other liquids are also served odorless and tasteless.In particular, high borosilicate is a special glass material with high chemical stability, and there is no such thing as silicon melting.Furthermore, high borosilicate glass cups are easy to clean and meet safety standards.

Post time: Aug-20-2020