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How do double-glazed glasses come out

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How do double-glazed glasses come out

How do double-glazed glasses come out

A double-glazed cup is a cup that is used more extensively in our daily life. How much does one know about its production process? Its production is divided into two types, artificial blowing and machine pressing according to the production method.
First, artificial blowing
The original should be artificially blown glass, with a stainless steel hollow tube pick the right amount of high-temperature melting glass water, blown into a ball like a balloon, and then put into a pre-prepared mold to continue to blow and die Fit the shape, then open the mold and clamp the cup into the annealing furnace to remove the stress from the glass. After it comes out, cut it, edging it, install it (foot or handle), and polish it to get the finished double glass. cup.
The machine blows the glass the same as the artificial principle, except that it is blown by a person who blows it into a bubbler.
Second, machine suppression

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Pressed glass machines Like revolvers, the dies are fixed on a turntable. The turntable usually has 8 or 10 dies in a circle. A punch is fixed on the turntable. The glass is dropped into the mold through a barrel. Inside, and then go to the bottom of the punch when the punch down to press the glass forming, and then manually removed and put into the annealing furnace, the finished product is a double glass.

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