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Glass transport considerations

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Glass transport considerations

Glass transport considerations

Glass transport considerations


Glass is a fragile product and care should be taken in production, transportation, and use. If transportation is improper, it will affect the user's use, so pay attention to the following points when transporting.

1. During transportation, we must pay attention to the strict fixation of the glass, use a professional product holder, to ensure its stability, will not be damaged, coupled with it plus soft pads, this mat can make it The shock was relieved.

2, in order to ensure the safety of transport, the use of the erected form of transport of glass, which is much better than the lateral effect; if the product is relatively small, can be placed in a carton, and filled with foam, which can reduce friction and damage.

3. Vehicle speed is also an important aspect affecting the safety of double-glazed glasses during transportation. Arranged with experienced drivers and vehicles with better safety performance and stronger shock resistance to carry out transportation so as to keep the vehicles running during transportation. Speed ​​to ensure its safety.

In addition to paying attention to the protective measures during transport, care should be taken when handling the glass to avoid damage to the product.

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