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Good quality Glass Flower Tea Cup for sales
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Glass cleaning

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Glass cups use a long time, will give birth to rust, if you often drink tea, tea rust will be more, how to clean it?
1. The use of alkaline cleaning the home are generally edible alkali, this is a good thing to wash the glass cup. Sprinkle a small amount of alkali in the cup, then soak for a few minutes, then wipe the cup with a sponge to shine as new.

2. Use vinegar to wash the cup with vinegar for a while before soaking the glass cup, be careful not to pour too much vinegar, generally the amount of a beverage cap can be, and then gently brush a brush with a brush can be very bright.

3. Use toothpaste to scrub. When the glass cup has more rust, you can wipe it with some toothpaste. Then put the plastic bag on the chopsticks and scrape the glass cup. The effect is good.

4. Use of scouring pads to clean glass cups. If sponges are not easy to use, scouring pads are in use. The scouring pad is very effective for cleaning stubborn dirt in cups.

5. The use of broken eggshell eggshells have the effect of cleaning glassware and other tableware, as long as the eggshell is crushed into dirty cups or bottles to be cleaned, and then drop a few drops of vinegar, shake slowly, then brush Cleaning, you can clean the parts that are not easy to clean.

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