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Double glass type and characteristics

Good quality Glass Flower Tea Cup for sales
Good quality Glass Flower Tea Cup for sales
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Double glass type and characteristics

Double glass type and characteristics

Double-glazed glass is made of high-boron glass, which is fired at over 600 degrees, usually made of high-boron glass, and the inner and outer tubes are roasted by technicians under the sealing machine. It is a new type of environmentally-friendly tea cup. , so more and more people's favor. Double-glazed glasses come in a variety of types depending on the intended use.
1, from the style points, word of mouth and office cup (with handle).
2, from the material points, the cup tubing used ordinary glass tube and crystal glass tube.
3. From the point of view of the production process, there are double tails and double tails, and there is a tail double glass in the bottom of the cup; the tailless glass is flat and has no excess points.
4, distinguish from the cup, there are standard cups, high-mouth glass (filter deeper, more reasonable design, drink water will not touch the filter).
5, distinguish from the bottom of the cup, ordinary thin bottom, thick round bottom, thick straight bottom, crystal bottom.
Double-glazed glass features: As a new product in the cup, the double-glazed glass has become the best tea set for drinking tea, especially for brewing all kinds of famous tea, and the tea set is crystal clear, which is not only suitable for viewing but also has the best effect of brewing tea.

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